The only purpose of The Peace & Love Co. is to give more peace and love back to the universe.
We support yoga and encourage lifestyle management.


Traditional science of yoga says mind, body (and soul – for the believers) are interlinked. The union of mind, body and soul is called yoga. Certain concepts and techniques in yoga are accepted worldwide not only for personal growth but also for the development of humanity. Yogasana, pranayama, kriya or other popular trends that are promoted in the fitness world is just a part of the entire yogic studies. Yoga goes beyond the physical tangent, deep rooted in various philosophies and ancient scriptures.


The way you live your life plays a major role in shaping yourself. Factors like diet, exercise, recreation, way of thinking, etc is that what helps you create your ‘Lifestyle’. It definitely differsaccording to your age and health conditions. Your lifestyle also decides your vitality and the quality of life you live, ultimately resulting into your personal growth. Identifying, modifying and relearning certain habits can not only make you live longer but also behealthy. Like this you will also be able to give more peace and love back to the universe. And in a bizarre way, who knows ‘Your Purpose of Life’may just come walking to you then!

The Peace And Love Co. promises to present some old ideas with new perspective.