Yo What?

Yo What?



Yo What? (Read Yo Ga)

Can serve as a general FAQ for you all.

After knowing I learnt, practice and now teach yoga. People frequently ask me some really (very) funny questions:

1. Did you do your yoga today?
(By this they mean if I practiced yogasana today)

-Asana is not yoga, it’s just a small part of yoga.
-Yoga is a science of mind body and soul. And a WAY OF LIFE!
-And it is advisable to keep your practice a secret. Why? That’s also a secret! The path of yoga will reveal it for you and you will know by yourself.

2. Do you follow any baba? Oh you don’t do hot yoga/ dog yoga/ swing yoga?

– No I don’t. Absolutely believe in classical / traditional yoga.
– I have been very lucky to be associated myself with different schools of yoga through various teachers across India.
-There are dim a dozen gurus, babas and teachers especially in India. There are various factors involved in being a disciple to a teacher and vice a versa.

3. What styles of yoga do you know?

-Firstly I don’t understand this question. Secondly, I m not at all stylish.
– As a yoga practitioner and a student of philosophy, I’m very close to Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Kashmir Shaivism. I teach the same as well.
-An in-depth study of some Indian scriptures and Indian philosophies can add value.

4. Oh you do yoga? You must be so flexible!

– Yoga is not about head stands, difficult postures or trying to bend and reach your toes.
– It’s about balancing your energies to unite your mind, body and soul. This happens only through ‘awareness’. And awareness will not come if you only focus on the physical aspect (asana) alone.

That was about WHAT YOGA IS NOT!

Now I have a question to you all:
Do you know you are breathing right now?

We keep ourselves so busy, we forget that our body is functioning through our breathe. Do you know your vitality is depended on your breathing?

Please take a moment and be aware of your breathe as you finish reading my post. THIS AWARENESS IS YOGA.

Thank You.
Thank You.


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  1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful crisp and sweet article. Loved your writing style. Definitely motivated me to continue practicing yoga.

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