What did Traveling Alone in 5 Years teach me?

What did Traveling Alone in 5 Years teach me?


This journey started in 2011. From the Sivalik foothills of the Himalayas, to the sand dune of UAE, windmills of Satara and sadhya meals of Kerala. Lost and found many things, many times till now. Some were known, some unknown. Out them here are some lessons I learned (hard way) through my solo travel:

1. You are never alone

As you pack your bags and leave home, you immediately step into a world full of different species of human beings, sometimes animals et all. Even if you are alone and by yourself, there is a certain force that travels with you always to protect you. This force unknowingly also nurtures the child in you. Then you just get along with people. All this teaches you to be a part of a tribe and also learn how to stay alone even in the crowd.

2. Fear leads to failure

I missed my flight once and then I got scared about spending night on the airport, not reaching work on time next day and above all Рthe fear of facing my mom after reaching home late had almost killed me. Ran out of money to book the next flight, to make calls or even buy food, I was starving! Somehow, my cards also got blocked and I felt so handicapped, confused whether to cry or to laugh? Airport wifi connection is always flaky and it was the same night when Malaysian Airlines went missing for the first time. Correct, a completely jinxed night!

Missing the flight was a smaller mistake, getting scared of all this was a bigger mistake. That night many things and many people came for my rescue, returned home in style with Emirates and reached home (late but) safely. So getting scared was just a waste of time.

3. God in small things

Experiencing sudden snowfall at the highest Shiva temple in the world. Seeing dolphins jumping wild in the ocean while you are chilling at the cafe. Kindness of random people. Listening to Stairway to Heaven on a stormy rainy night in a flight with heavy turbulence after getting high on lager bombs and whiskey.

I believe what your faith adds to your adventures, is what God is in small things.

4. YOU are Home

We create our own world and give our own meaning to things in this world. And what we say is not always what we think. As a typical middle class Indian girl (read ghaati) , I may not have had the best of things but travel has taught me how to make the best of everything. According to me, home is where you are; hence make the most of it NOW.

5. Radical self love

Nothing is sweeter than solitude. “Me” time is always “wee” time! Our mind is full of thoughts like the skies full of lightening. Staying alone by yourself, with yourself sometimes takes you to a headless state of thought free meditation. Renunciation from comfort zones, far from ego trips and not clinging to your personal boundaries brings closer to self. All this is nothing but love.

I urge you all to take at least one solo trip in your life to experience naked truthfulness no matter what the cost.

And if you are already traveling alone then let’s catch up over chai and share travel stories?

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  1. Very well written….. Your writing style is indeed very gripping… All the best.. And yes, Iam planning my next trip RIGHT NOW….

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